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To co udało mi się wygrzebać - oryginał był po rosyjsku wjęc nie jest to najlepszy angielski - użyłem translatora babelfish


Part I: Retskully.

Staff Of the new Government: Establishment of contact with the government of new order.
Task: To find the Presidentthe "governments of new order" (P.N.P.) and to obtain important information relative to new government.
President Hayes you will find to the north from the urban gates on the central area, exactly at the moment of execution of one of the surviving bandits of band the monks of desert. After acquaintance with the President leave to obtain passport for the office
to Lyukosu. On the mini- map white marker already noted some important objects of the settling (rest they will appear only later in the process of passage). After directing to the marker by cursor, you will obtain information about the object and, whereas
after calling by the right button of mouse on the object or in any other part of the mini- map, you or entire group will leave for the selected by you place (it is tuned in the play options). Thus not sly it is possible easily and the main thing be moved to rapidly on the location, using only an mini- map and a pair of cries. Mini- map it is possible to a little extend or to press, and so to make its transparent or vice versa to darken to entire other. Certainly, if you are experienced player, then to you not what of mini- map is necessary... use compass;)
Reward: important information.

Staff Of the new Government: Obtaining passport.
Task: To obtain passport in the office in Lyukasa.
In the office Of lyukosa you in the required order must officially register to yourselves citizenship P.N.P, and so - this is your chance to form the nature of its character. In you to the selection two versions. Of two versions, it goes without saying, you must select one. Either you agree to the aid Of lyukosa or you with entire seriousness and responsibility themselves will approach the matter. To preferably stop at the second version. Let us divide document into three graphs - these are biography, external given (attributes) and habits (+ talents). In the biography I advise to you not to change pointthe "type of character", while in the pointthe "life experience" to select small arms (all this already must stand on silence). Let us pass to external data aka characteristic. So I want to note that the value of attributes and habits can be learned, after directing by cursor for each, if prompt does not appear, then in the menu > of tuning we select > the training regime. to y0t' glasses of characteristics I distributed as follows: Force - 12, mobility - 11, adroitness - 12, build - 13, intellect - 10 and charisma - 12. In the early stage of game such small changes role do not almost play (with exception it can charisma), but for the base further development of character they will be time itself. Subsequently with obtaining of new level should be force, build, mobility and adroitness brought for the standards (and above) in order subsequently not to obtain negative bonusa in combat. However, further development of attributes increases the load transferred by you, the speed of movement, health, quality of shooting from the weapon and so forth all this is easy to see based on example.
Charisma in the game plays big enough role. Eloquent character easily will know how to agree with the stronger enemy (after bargaining thus its life), disorder will lower prices with the barter transaction (which is very important), it will use cunning, when must and almost always it is able to find common language with the population. Charisma I recommend to pump through not below to yshchti, but eloquence up to maximum (99). You remember that only your basic character (you) has the capability to associate with NPC! Your party members this possibility do not have and, therefore, they into the circulations of charisma and eloquence do not require.

Habits. Now in your money box of 50 free glasses of habits. There is one additional honest method to increase them to 100!! For this minusuyem all habits except: Light weapon, heavy weapon, missile weapon, eloquence, medicine, reticence. Thus, we bargain 50 additional glasses of circulation. Your habits are divided into three categories (see below). All three categories are determined by the initial tuning and by these initial tuning it is desirable subsequently to develop character. The development of character along another way will bring to the loss of precious glasses of experience.
• Basic - this habit character pumps through first of all and he is basic. In your basic character - these are light weapon (from 65 to 80) and eloquence (from 55 to 99). You will stop to the circulations of the light weapon, when you are certified that the heavy weapon was tightened in the game and you do not have scarcity cartridge. This rule can be used both to one character and to the entire group immediately.
• Additional - this habit is additional (+) to the basic habit of character. You pump through it in the second turn or alternating with the basic. For you this will be - heavy weapon (from 65 to 99). Basic and additional habit - this, in the essence, speaking the habits one first category. In the majority of the cases they must be pumped through, alternating between themselves as needed in them. Thus, for instance, pumping through eloquence it cannot be forgotten that without the shooting to you to also not manage.
• Required - these habits are required for any character. You pump through them lastly. Here in what order this is worth making: Medicine (from 50 and above, up to obtaining of ability resuscitation), the missile weapon (from 80 and above) and the reticence (from 50 and above, importantly for the sniper). Initial data: Light weapon - 65, eloquence - 55, heavy weapon - 65, medicine - 50, missile weapon - 55 and reticence - 50.
Experience: 50 xp.
Prompt: Save - this is usual "zip" file. In it is a file "act_.mission", it text. You open it with the aid of "WorldPade", you find the name of your character and you guide fundamental characteristics (force, adroitness, build, etc.). After this, conversely you arkhiviruyete in "zip". I recommend fundamental characteristics not to advance > 20 (it appears error). Additional habits better not to copy, but to find line "skill_.points_.left" (this glasses of habits). Main thing - not to overdo it, without having distributed all glasses, the menu of habits cannot be left. More to 99ti habits to establish will not come out. Attention: in the official localization it did not check!

Staff Of the new Government: Registration of soldiers.
Task: To leave for the tent camp of mercenaries and to have a talk with the chief Uesli.
The camp of mercenaries is located to the northeast from the office Of lyukasa. Sometimes some places on the map will be noted only after their visit (or (i) of conversation with the responsible characters). In your command (including you very) simultaneously they can be located to 6 soldiers. You can collect here or supplement (to collect) your command during the journey. It is reasonable to collect soldiers with the distinguished between themselves habits (priority of attention it goes precisely to the habits, but not to the attributes). In my view, most important habits of the game: Light weapon (as required), heavy weapon, Mekhanik (repair and the combining of objects), driving (useful, but in no way required), stealing, the breaking (let us completely replace with habit explosive), explosive (installation of mines, the undermining of locks (alternative to the breaking of locks), the creation of explosive, etc.), survival (search for water, the division of the small carcasses of animals, to be shut by corpse, etc.), eloquence (trade, persuasion, instruction and much other) and medicine (effective use of first-aid kits and other useful habits). An enormous quantity of objects (trophies), is not compulsory all to select them in The Fall, but if you are one of those, who devastate maps by pillar, then all characters will be necessary by you. And do not forget, that during the journey to you can be joined other soldiers.

Specialization*: Control of heavy weapon.
Basic habit: Heavy weapon (1) *.
Required habit: Reticence (3) and medicine (2).
Professional of its matter. As soon as will appear the first machine gun in the game, boldly entrust its Batchu and forward to the crowds of the infuriated finders. So in Batcha it is possible to pump through mechanics. This is worth making only in such a case, when Francis reaches a deadlock with the mechanics and will not be able to obtain the new talents (any habit it can have maximally three talents). Indeed to any of us must be interesting to verify all possibilities of habit, yes even to Batchu itself it is small how still it is possible to brag.

Specialization: Pilferer.
Basic habit: Breaking of locks (1) and pocket theft (1).
Additional habit: Sniper weapon (2).
Required habit: Reticence (3) and medicine (4).
Thus it was formed, that with game six by characters to vorishke lin is always obtained the smallest part of the earned experience (earned experience it is divided on the entire command. The lion's share takes away your basic character). In order not to fall by nose into the puddle in lin should be first of all pumped through the stealing (in the consequence it will help to carry out to accelerate the fulfillment of some of Quests). With the stealing your pockets will be always oppressed not only by different rubbish (important for Francis. Read below), but also by very useful objects (now and then this weapon, the cartridges and others being expensive of thing). When stealing and breaking there will be prokachen at the proper level, I recommend the pumping through of sniper weapon. But this is why. Lin is not originally on the attributes designed for the rotation with the heavy weapon, but light weapon will become obsolete up to the moment of the circulation of basic habits and not what benefit in it not it will be.

Specialization: Expert in the region of explosives.
Basic habit: Explosive (2).
Additional habit: Light weapon (1) and heavy weapon (3).
Required habit: Reticence (4) and medicine (5).
If for pilferer trunk is not succeeded in revealing, then Victor with his explosive comes to the aid. The undermining of locks is achieved with the aid of the black powder on all types of containers. For this it is not necessary to have special talents as the breaking of safe (as in pilferer). But for the possibility of the undermining of lock by you will be necessary the corresponding talentthe "explosion of lock", and so black powder, which is large scarcity in the game. You judge themselves, that also whom to you to pump through. You be this capricious pilferer or reliable the explosive matters master, but with the scarcity of raw material so demolisher can obtain useful talenta "study of traps". With this of talents all traps automatically are deactivated with the breaking of locks. By this talent it is possible soak to pilferer to painlessly reveal the lock (in pilferer so there is an analog to this talent).

Specialization: Mechanics driver.
Basic habit: Mechanics (2) and driver (4).
Additional habit: Lung (1) and heavy weapon (3).
Required habit: Reticence (5) and medicine (6).
Habit mechanics (combining and the repair of objects) is one of the key in the game. All its possibilities are occurred according to this reference . After reading article you you learn, which is subject to modernization, which is required for this and as all this works. Imperatively I recommend to pump through habit"driving". If you have sufficiently powerful videokarta, then driving will be converted by machine into the present pleasure. The displacement over the location will grow repeatedly because of the machine, and with the application of talentof "tyuning" the speed of your "iron horse" will increase by 20%. Certainly, any machine it is possible to overhaul from time to time it is necessary to repair.

Specialization: Physician.
Basic habit: Medicine (2) and survival (3).
Additional habit: Lung (1) and sniper weapon (4).
Required habit: Reticence (5)
I recommend to immediately forego Agness in order not to expend precious glasses of experience. Already soon in new -Safforde you will meet Milton. Milton is character with the highly developed attributes, and so by habits survival and manual weapon. But physician, as Agness more in the game you will not meet, if you are not decided themselves serious to study the circulation of this habit. Medicine - habit undoubtedly is very useful, but it do not always reach hands.

Specialization * - it is here indicated to what profession (pilferer, physician, mechanics so forth.) one or other character, belongs. Specialization is the integral part of the basic habit. Basic habit cannot be lost to forget into the abundance of the remaining habits, which 4 (you) it appropriated to characters. For basic habit it is necessary to remove to 50% of obtained test for circulation. Everything else is distributed between the remaining additional and required habits. In the beginning of game it will reasonably pay attention to light weapon by entire participant in the party, and afterward throw on the basic habit and everything else. (2) * with numbers in the brackets are enumerated the habits of that order, in which it is desirable to develop them (in my view).
Reward: initial weapon.
Prompt: A little about the reticence. Reticence has great significance to pump through, if you are the amateur to ambush. Reticence loses its force, if it prokachena in your characters not evenly to (one soldier it can give out entire party, if the reticence of prokachena is less than rest). Reticence plays large role in sniper, if you desire to in secret destroy enemy of one after another (it is necessary the very high level of reticence). Sniper with the well prokachennym skill sniper weapon can completely forego the reticence (or him never not to generally use), if in you + rifle is capable of destroying enemy at the sufficiently great distance. In the remaining cases I recommend to you to lie quiet to quietly or use all possible tricks on vymanivaniyu of enemy...

Training camp. Developers could make the separate training module, but they entered wiser, after creating training camp here. All elements of control easily are examined, are memorized and are tuned in the options of game, but our instructor will show all this in practice. Probably, it will be discovery main for you, that your party members can climb over some obstacles (fences, wall). In the official version awarding to ammunition instructor became impossible.

Merchant. Merchant can be easily found, being oriented on the yellow marker on the map, by such markers they are designated all merchants in the game. In the game there is no money! 4 you even about this it did not tell? All transactions are achieved via classical barter. In the official localization the calculation somewhat changed. From now on barter calculation goes not 1 to one as this was earlier, but 1 to two. Now merchants actually have a benefit from the exchange. But with the circulation of habit"eloquence" + with the fastening of some talents, we return exchange to old diagram one to one. Trunk near his counter with the ease it is possible to clean (small tradesman to be offended not it will be), of course, if in you is a master key your habit of breaking not less to 80ti. On this and on other locations it is complicated to force open anything, possessing the low habit of breaking. In the majority of the cases all containers (trunks, boxes, safes and so forth.) they are supplied with the traps, encounter with which will not deliver pleasant sensations. It is good, if you have the ability to note traps and to render safe them. Certainly, even not any safe can be opened with the large habit of breaking; therefore ensure your character with talentthe "breaking of safe". Even now, when your characters are not gifted with special talents and prokachannymi habits, to your pilferers (in me lin) it will not comprise the labor to clean pockets vapor of tens of inhabitants.
Prompt: After wandering on the settlement, you will find the mass of useful things in the pockets of settlers, but so not less than useful things to the exchange in the trunks after the heavy locks, which, by the way, for you cannot be thus far revealed. Master keys will be accessible only in merchant from new -Safforda. One additional useful thing, which can be found - leather armor (armor 4, weight 2.0). Search for it in the eastern part of the city in the basket for the linen, there from the drying rooms it is possible to remove the plain set of clothing (simple trinket, but nevertheless it is pleasant). In the south near the government buildings in the debris containers (if not you brezguyete) pair it is lump meat. All these objects will be accessible, having only looked around the containers, in which they are stored (right button of mouse along the container > in the contextual menu to select to look around).

Staff Of the new Government: Visit to the grave.
Task: To visit the grave of father in the east.
Grave is located from the external - eastern side of settling. After proving to be on the spot, you will meet three Vandals in the camouflage, which by them is must and what they there made - unknown. I feel your passion to the violence, but poubav'te their flame of these fellows cannot be killed in no way.
Experience: 50 xp.

Staff Of the new Government: Left the band Of retskullov.
Task: To have a talk with David, former member of the band Of retskullov.
Iditol along the road to the north, and you will soon find the house of David or that which from it will remain after explosion. There the house to you it will transport to observe following stsenku...
Experience: 150 xp.

New -Safford: Ratskully.
Task: To save life to David.
David - this is the former member of the band of otmorozkov Of retskullov, precisely, so they call themselves. Peasant changed the mind on the old age of years, he ceased to rob, it tied with the drinking bout and the drugs, even, probably it threw to smoke, indeed to dite it is necessary to bring up. But, as this occurs, the Mafia does not pardon treason and give to terrorize poor daddy. Now from you it is required to save its informant, or to allow his loss. During any distribution the motion of history strongly will not change, and you will obtain the result being investigated.
A. If it was possible to save David. David will require to protect the village new -Safford on the north and to save its daughter Saru from the same Retskullov. After fulfillment of both targets David will indicate the place for laboratory for the production of narcotic "Z". The arrangement of the storage of weapon you learn after the release Of sary, after looking around the corpses Of restkullov. The camp Of retskullov will become accessible only after the fulfillment of basic target with respect to the protection new -Safforda (camp search for on the southeast from the village).
B. If could not be saved David. To obtain task for the protection of village is possible in Ben - the chapter of settling, the very same will ask you to find Saru. The coordinates of laboratory Bain will describe to you, the coordinates of storage you learn after the release Of sary. The camp Of retskullov will become accessible only after the fulfillment of basic target with respect to the protection new -Safforda (camp search for on the southeast from the village). After fulfillment of both targets return to have a talk with Ben.
Experience: 200 KHR.
Prompt: After rising to the eastern part of the bridge, you will find the first-aid kit + of 10 unit.

New -Safford: Titles for the newspaper.
Task: To find 5 histories for the newspaper.
Search for journalist in the West from new -Safforda. Journalist will ask to find 5 histories (titles) for his future newspaper for it. Instead of for your transactions he will describe about the neglected factory far on the northeast (this in the very grivation). It is possible to leave directly now for the factory. Besides several is trunk and bundles the cartridge, you will find Milton, whom can be taken in the command instead of Agness (if you all - still adhere to my tactics).
• Staff Of the new Government: To have a talk with David.
• New -Safford: To save new -Safford.
• New -Safford: Disappeared wolf.
• New -Safford: Special seasoning for krysyatinki.
• New -Safford: Machine of time. After the fulfillment of all five targets your diary will renew - this will by occasion visit journalist.
Experience: 150 xp.

New -Safford: To save new -Safford.
Task: To protect settlement from the attack Of retskullov.
Find Ben and you will report to it about Retskullakh. Now anything to question about Sare has no sense, especially as David requested not to mention its name. For achievement of the highest effect, in Jay the son of Ben you will obtain the explosive "s-th", by which without any complications it is possible to blow up polbandy Of retskullov (steep bank of man), but it is necessary to persuade Jay. For the undermining of band you will place explosive near the suspended bandit and fall back with entire group to a sufficient distance for the realization of the safe explosion (you they must not reveal, otherwise to plan end). The basic group Of retskullov will visit into the settlement from the central gates, rest on two in the group will go around settlement from the south to the north and from the north to the south, whereas rest will enter into the city from the eastern gates. After violence above Retskullami (10 bandits) Ben associates to return to the settlement. Arrived Time To save Saru. You found the second history.
Experience: 200 xp.

New -Safford: Sara in the danger.
Task: The daughter of David propala, it must be found and led in the safe place.
Saru retain the remainders Of retskullov in the lower by right to grivation. Small camp guard two bandits. After skirmish do not forget to look around the corpses of those killed, you will find note with the indication of the location of the storage of the weapon Of retskullov. Saru it is not compulsory to accompany, it itself satisfactorily will reach the village new -Safford. Now you will have a talk with David, it will describe to you about the laboratory. And do not forget to visit Ben.
Experience: 150 xp.

New -Safford: Disappeared wolf.
Task: Find for the boy Of bobbi of his manual wolf cook.
It is easy to find boy in new -Safford'e, it very loudly cries!! Entire tragedy in child... ran away his manual wolf cook. Wolf you will find in the east from the settling, near the herd of braminov. But, it goes without saying, not all so is simple, wolf- that it exists, but this is how it to return conversely?! For the solution of this problem the piece of damp meat will be necessary by you. You will find meat in the kennel, use meat to the wolf, and it will break into a run after you. Wolf will appear in the necessary place only directly during the attack Of retskullov (i.e., from one conversation with Ben to another conversation). Now you will have a talk with the boy, and one additional history in your pocket.
Experience: 70 xp.

New -Safford: Special seasoning for krysyatiny.
Task: Merchant meat requests to destroy malicious it is Volkov in the gorge in the east.
The merchant of meat lives in the recently built settling on the north from new -Safforda. You will have a talk with the merchant of meat, and it will describe to you about its misfortune. Vile wolves overlapped canyon to the east from the settling. You will wander there it is sensitive, (suddenly) will appear the roller, which will report the correct presence of place. Move into the depth of canyon, soon to you will meet small flock it is Volkov. Get rid of it is Volkov and with the clean conscience return to the merchant, it into the appreciation will give out to you the pair of krysok. A quantity of krysok depends on your skill "eloquence". You found the fourth history.
Experience: 80 xp.
Prompt: To fry meat is possible only with the presence of spit in the inventory, for this you will drag over meat into the bonfire. To cook meat also is possible with the presence of frying pan or saucepan. Boiled - fried meat vastanavlivayet doubly more vital energy, than, if it was damp all this it makes sense with the burning bonfire:)

New -Safford: Machine of time.
Task: Tiberius requests to find the mixer of energy, which is the source of the conversion of energy, necessary for the work of its machine of time.
Task can be obtained in the same settlement. It is easy to find customer, this patient to the head fanatic, who decided to avoid catastrophe, is always located not far off from his miracle- machine. They did look film "back in the future"? Here on the analogous device it plans to complete displacement into the past. Detail itself, which it requests you to find, can be reached in the strange young fellow To marti next to the printing house. This is unique - the first person, although the schizophrenic, who decided something to make after simply thus. Now return to the designer and observe improbable journey in the time. Before the "progress" (i.e. by journey in the time), "kulibin" into the appreciation for the work accomplished by you will supply you with any diverse junk. You found the fifth history, now time to go to the journalist.
Experience: 100 xp.

New -Safford: Settling Fredo.
Task: To clean settlement of tramp.
From you is required to visit the former settlement Fredo for the purpose of its release from those searching for. A quantity of those searching for does not reach even ten! In one of the houses (on the glass table) you will find SIG Sg-552 (distance 32, weight 3.2). After you will destroy all marauders, your diary will renew, to report about this Fredo is not must. On the north from the settlement lives the old man Of viggler, from it you learn about the camp of the monks of desert.
Experience: 100 xp.

Village Fredo: Monks of desert.
Task: To destroy the camp of the monks of desert.
There are two camps in the north and the south. fanatics in both camps not so there are many, but their love for the violence passes all reasonable faces. The pair of the undressed peasants hand to hand tyuey pereb'yut entire your force after I have pity soul, yes even rest with the gun will at call also not stand in the side. In general kamikadze, yes even only. Destroy the monks of otshchepentsev, those, who far from the basic group. This not sly method will take care to you nerves, but to your soldiers cartridges and health. You will compulsorily look around both camps. You will find the mass for yourselves of useful.
Experience: 100 xp.

Boui Settlement: Weapons storage Of retskullov.
Task: To take out Retskullov of the bunker.
The weapons storage Of retskullov is located far on the north from Boui settlement. To approach the basic task is possible immediately, or having before permitted vapor of everyday problems. Finally - this to you to solve as to enter;) And so, first of all you must painlessly for your soldiers move through the minefield. Grazes the herd Of pit. to persuade in the south from the depository or it is not necessary to threaten it, he not fool himself understands, that its personal success so depends also on the success of your company. On this without the retarding will grant the part of its valanterov for the mine clearing of territory. But Retskully not fools, they immediately cut chip and were ready to meet you. Several of them not it will be difficult to destroy as however, small force in winch in the depository. However, rest still it is necessary to smoke from the bunker with the aid of "s-th". The first phase of our mission is completed on this.
• Boui Settlement: Meat for the master of explosive.
• Boui Settlement: Complex lock on the trunk. Leave to Donald in the foothill Of boui, it will help to penetrate in the depository.
Experience: 150 xp.

Boui Settlement: Meat for the master of explosive.
Task: To take "s-th" in Donald.
Digger Donald dwells in the foothill Of boui, where he digs several elite pentkhausov for its future settlers. And, it goes without saying, no mining operations can manage without the blasting with the participation, perhaps, of only explosive in the game "s-th". Similar type explosive very expensive pleasure and not for whom yet it was impossible to secure it for free, here and for you one must a little popotet'. Donald not skinflint and much will not require. You must bring to it in exchange for the explosive the piece of tigrinogo meat, or the piece of the meat of bison, but then in both cases it is necessary to have well prokachennoye eloquence in order to influence the decision of Donald. So it is possible to carry out entire order by pillar I assure you, that during any distribution a quantity of earned experience will compose only Y20KHR. There is for what to sweat? That zh arrived the time to go to the hunting. Bison is grazed on northwest from Boui (or in the West from the depository), and here the place of the hunting of tiger can be learned only from the hunter Of val'demira. Val'demira, as any here can be persuaded, or paid for the information by water. So Val'demir will agree soak to dress tigrinuyu small carcass, if you in the party do not have its skillful individual. But this work it will carry out for the part of the tigrinogo meat. A quantity of obtained tigrinogo meat will be equal to one piece with any version. Return to Donald. "s-th" in you!
Reward: 120 KHR + the plastic explosive C-4.
Prompt: Water searches for with the aid of the detector of water or with the aid of the skill "survival". With prokachennym "survival" your character will find water more rapidly than the detector of water, for you even it is not necessary to get down into the crater or into any other deepenings in the earth. If you use the detector of water, then the search for water is best to conduct in the pits (craters, ditches so forth.) In order to begin the search for water with the aid of the detector, you it will be necessary to activate (to take in the hand) it. In order to dig up the source of water, you must retain the right button of mouse, and then from the menu select mark "to dig". Use a wineskin to the bore hole, it will be filled up with water (wineskin it is bought in merchants). The swallow of water restores + 10 ye.d. of health.

Boui Settlement: Complex lock on the trunk.
Task: To find the method to open lock, if its skills do not be sufficient.
If it was impossible to force open lock... leave back in Buvi, there find metal craftsman lyuka, it will agree soak to open trunk. Afterward it will ask to find blacksmith Herman (search for in the territory of mines) and to take in it special master key, that it will instead of ask something of the products, but master key can be stolen. One additional possible method to open trunk - this to blow up it with the aid of the black powder (and the skill to explode locks).
Reward: Contents of trunk.

Boui Settlement: Vodka for the village Of boui.
Task: The distillyatornuyu installation, which belongs of the village Of boui, took Retskully. Free it!
Tragic comedy was played in Boui settlement. The daily congress of the sabbath of dipsomaniacs decreed "fuel capacities they approach catastrophic zero!" and the not named hunger will understand soon all dependent. It is necessary to save. Leave to the chapter of settlement after the explanation of the details of that occurred. It occurs that there is the vodkagonnyy apparatus, but guard its vile Retskully, which require so many, that the woman of tiredness to rozhat'. For you is in prospect to regulate "baby boom" in the region, and in the place with it to solve problem with the deliveries of alcohol. Leave far for the north, where you will find the small camp Of retskullov. With the destruction of band return to the elder, it generously otblagodarit you.
Experience: 200 KHR + weapon.

Boui Settlement: Disappeared dvoynyashki.
Task: Louise lost her children -dvo1n4wek Of mia and Pia.
On that happening it is possible to learn from the inhabitant of settlement, it you will find not far from the output from Boui. Now she will send you to Louise - the mother of disappeared dvoynyashek. It always stands Louise near the house in bonfire. The precise place, where to search for dvoynyashek, she does not know, but will send you into the forest. Search for dvoynyashek on the north from khibary of the recluse (see below). After vyzvoleniya of kiddies from the paws of bloodthirsty it is Volkov you will accompany them to the mother.
Experience: 160 xp.

Boui Settlement: Automobile storage battery for the recluse.
Task: To take away storage battery in MakKinzi.
On the north from Boui lives the recluse. In grandfather sick feet, movement on its two it reaches to it the mass of troubles. It will ask you to bring storage battery to it so that it could complete the repair of its machine. There are two methods of solution of Quest - these are persuasion (Y'0KHR), or the fulfillment of original task. Leave in Boui and find there Mackenzie (frequently it is with the lift to the mines of Donald). For the pair of the liters of water Mackenzie sablagovorit to isolate to you one storage battery. With the smile on face run to the recluse to obtain remarkable weapon - "SVD" the sniper rifle Of dragunova (firing distance 70, weight 4.3).
Experience: 120 xp. + S.V.D OF 160 KHR. + S.V.D.

Boui Settlement: Dinner For Gonzo.
Task: To avoid the murder of wife Gonzo.
Task will give Barbara wife Gonzo. To find her is not complicated, it frequently goes for a walk near the bonfire. The misfortune, which occurred with this lady, possibly, affected other settlers. The food, which it prepared for its husband, ran away from it, and large danger now threatens to it. Leave to Gonzo for the western plantations for the intelligible conversation with the citizen. If you delay and will not find Gonzo at the moment of work in the fields, then entire propalo! With the following visit in Boui you will see roller, as Gonzo pitilessly it is straightened with its wife and all remaining inhabitants of settlement. In you is activated the combat mode for the purpose of the liquidation of the going mad herself maniac and averting thus world khalakoste. Everything depends on you and your behavior, success.
Reward: 160 KHR.

Verdet's Kaza: Laboratory of the narcotics Of retskulov.
Task: To find the method to select in the laboratory of narcotics.
Narkolaboratoriya Of retskullov is reliably guarded and before here going follows to be pumped through seriously indeed battle more than with three ten acknowledged cutthroats occupation not of the light. First of all I recommend to carry out everyday Quests's pair (their good not much), and then to leave for the assault of fortress. Immediately it will be impossible to fall into the fortress. For the penetration into the fortress you it will be necessary to carry out Quests's series for Dzhima - bean.
• Verdet's Kaza: Dzhim - bean is falld in love.
• Verdet's Kaza: Shityu dzhim - bean must be washed!
• Verdet's Kaza: By dzhim - bean it is necessary to cut!
• Verdet's Kaza: Dzhim - bean it is necessary to priodet'!
• Verdet's Kaza: Dzhim - Bean Is Transformation.
But before to go to Dzhimu - bean or the into the fortress to Retskullam should be visited one I have pity the lady on the name Of leyla, so that your character is more - he less knew that it is required from it. Move to the north on asphalt road and you will entirely soon overtake the small car of that same Of leyly. after exchanging courtesies, move further to the north you will not thus far overtake the base Of retskullov. After approaching the winches of fortress, you will have a talk with guarding Retskullom. Return conversely to Leyle in order to convince it to contribute to you in the crushing defeat of band (namely to obtain important information). You will memorize time. The pick-up Of retskullov drives up to furgonchiku Of leyly into 10 - by yyom to hour and lasts encounter of approximately 5 minutes (if memory does not change). In this time you must have time to establish beetle in the machine Of retskullov (beetle to you it will give By dzhim - bean). Forward!

Verdet's Kaza: Dzhim - bean is falld in love.
Task: To propose Dzhima - bean on the tributes.
Dzhima - bean you will find in the settling of Verdet's Kaza (do not entangle with the valley Of khayden, situated on the elevation). Its house, the so-called dump, is located to the right of the main entrance into the settling. You this place will not pass. By the way, after rummaging in the mountain of old rubbish, it is possible to find different trinkets, for example to videokartu. Dzhim - bean will return beetle to you, if you organize to it meeting with the data - its lady of heart. In order to make from Dzhima of worthy fiance for they are given, by you will be necessary soap, barber and fashionable waistcoat.

Verdet's Kaza: Shityu dzhim - bean must be washed!
Task: To find washed for Dzhima - bean.
Soap can be stolen, either lent or selected by force, either bartered in the madders to the periodical of hair-dos or the piece of the meat (all ways they are accurate). The periodical of hair-dos can be stolen in one of the settlers or obtained from barber Louis (see below). Madders you will find in the upper part of the settlement behind the house. After you will carry out the basic task Of dzhima - bean, can again visit madders.
Experience: 125 xp.

Verdet's Kaza: By dzhim - bean it is necessary to cut!
Task: To make for Dzhima - bean fashionable hair-cutting.
Louis- barber you will find not far from the house Of dzhima - bean, (move into the upper part of the settling). Louis it is possible to inveigle or to bring to it clothing, but clothing it beret not any. In me it left to give leather jacket to it. With Louis, as from the madders it is possible to throw the pair of words after the fulfillment of the basic target Of dzhima - bean.
Experience: 125 xp.

Verdet's Kaza: Dzhim - bean it is necessary to priodet'!
Task: To find for Dzhima - bean fashionable jacket from the rat sandpapers.
To the solution of this task me was required most of all time. And the matter not in its complexity, but in the variety of the solutions, which much not all for me was possible to solve. Leave for the valley Of khayden and find there miller chuka.
A. First of all attempt to persuade it. If in you charisma - 13, eloquence - 99 + the talents: persuasion and conversation, or charisma - 16, eloquence - 85, then in both cases persuasion is impossible! Impression now and then is created, that to persuade Chuka in principle is not possible. Attempt themselves to find way out from this situation, and afterward write to me about the result. And thus. If for you still could not persuade Chuka, we pass to the plan"B".
B. After this caddishness in our address we have an occasion to spread for the devils mother its food can. For this we go to the entrance into the valley Of khayden and we select the torchashchiy from the earth iron rod. By now our basic character we drag over rod to the miracle apparatus. Op- Pa! The converter of flour is broken! We speak Chukom. If in you mechanics - 50 is below, then you never will be able to make aggregate! We pass to the plan"C".
C. We successfully stopped the aggregate (good to this much mind not must). Now on asphalt road run to the market area of the valley Of khayden. Along the way to the market, you nurse past the elevators, where your character will stop (sequential play roller). Here you must activate the fire alarm (by right button on the red siren on the post, also, from the contextual menu "use"). Chuk will throw entire and will break into a run to explain the reason (it it is possible to meet along the turning back). Select rat jacket and leave to Dzhimu - bean for fulfilling final stsenki this tightened action. Version with other rat jackets does not pass. If you them found earlier (I it found two), then without the fluctuations exchange for the goods useful for you.
D. So walked flannelette, that at night, when Chuk to lie down to sleep, it is possible to steal jacket. The waste of time! This to nothing does not lead. And finally version"E" (for those coma it bored this entire circus). You will shoot Chuka!! This to you not the glorious peace Fallout, in which for its pustopki it is necessary to answer. Both on you and on peace The Fall your behavior by no means not to be reflected, unless your conscience.
Experience: 250 xp.
Prompt: Even more rat jacket can be stolen in the merchant by rat-tailed maggots into new -Safforde, but that jacket it does not be suitable for fulfillment of assignments because of the linearity of game.

Verdet's Kaza: Dzhim - bean "reloading".
Task: To make from Dzhima - the bean of worthy fiance.
And thus. Now all preparedly for the reincarnation Of dzhima - bean into the worthy fiance are given. In the previous versions By dzhim - the bean still requested you to embellish it before The the danoy. Khm, possibly, 4 not to camp to deny, that this version can rush by, also, in the official version. I attempted to arrive at this in the course of final conversation Dzhimom, but in me not what it left. In the final analysis it always asserted itself to a good slap... If you are intended to directly now leave for the assault of the fortress Of retskullov, I will remind one that the machine of bandits drives up to the van Of leyly into 10 - 11 to hour.
Experience: 350 XP + espionage collection.

Verdet's Kaza: Blackmailed scientists.
Task: To save the relatives of scientists.
Now, when all Retskully are dead, it is worthwhile to think about vyzvolenii of scientists from the prison of fetters. To force open lock or to blow up with the aid of the talent or it will be impossible to blow up by explosive "s-th" for you. Entire calculated for the specific key key lies at the dark-blue container in wooden ogradki near the house. Search for place itself after the cell with the prisoners. Freed scientific Dzhef will agree to give out to you the place of the main base Of retskullov, if you save their family. The families of scientists guards small force of seven bandits along the roads to the West from the van Of leyly.
Experience: 400 xp.
Prompt: On the territory of fortress it is possible to find bulletproof vest (armor 12, weight 4.0) and AK"ya (distance 36, weight 2.6).

Verdet's Kaza: It called in that disappeared.
Task: To trouble that Adrian - leading would come out over the commercial area of the valley Of khayden.
Task can be obtained over the commercial area of the valley Of khayden in merchant nigel. Adrian lives by recluse on the north from the settlement of Verdet's Kaza. There are three methods to return Adriana to appear on stage:
A. Adriana it is possible to attempt to persuade. In this case for you it is not necessary to bring To adrianu of its plush bear.
B. So Adriana can be given to drink by shnapsom. During this distribution of the events Of adriant it will protrude in the valley Of khayden, but this will be its last appearance (to all worshippers of black humor imperatively I recommend). Alcohol - shnaps is stolen in the dipsomaniac of William in the valley Of khayden (his house not far from the elevators). So alcohol can be tightened from corpse of one of Retskullov in narkolaboratorii.
C. Well and the last method to force Adrianta to return to come out - this is that problem, on which it threw show business. You must find its talisman - the plush bear Of teddi. Talisman search for under the tree on the way between Kaza of Verdet and the valley Of khayden. In the reward for Adriana Of nigel' will be sent you into
Verdet's Kaza to Maylzu - the merchant of exclusive (according to him) weapon.
Experience: 300 xp.
Prompt: If it transports, in merchant nigel it is possible to steal laser sight.

Verdet's Kaza: Ischeznuvshiy father.
Task: To explain that it happened of the father Of kelina.
The young fellow Of kelina search for on northwest from the settlement of Verdet's Kaza. You it compulsorily had to meet, when they searched for Adriana (see above). In boy to mountain, last relative - its native father left to the hunting and did not return, you should find him. Father search for on the northern hills towards narkolaboratorii Of retskullov. Small flock it is Volkov it will give to you to know about the detection of necessary place. On the spot of slaughter house you will find the corpse of the father Of kelina. Remove from the corpse coulomb and carry Kelinu. If corpse not it is, in this case use an auto-lift from the earth in order to find coulomb. Kelin will be madly happy valuable finding.
Experience: 200 xp.

Verdet's Kaza: Survey of old station.
Task: With the aid of the theodolite to measure the locality in the region of old station.
Task you will find in the valley Of khayden in cartographer To miriam. Everything is very simple, from you it is required to visit the region of station and to measure the territory with the aid of the theodolite. You should make three photographs, using the highest apexes of hills. These points are examined well on the mini- map. In order to make a photograph, use a flat surface. Your character will give to you to know, if found accurate place. On skrinshote are noted all three points.
Experience: 100 xp. + two pieces of meat.
Commodity station.
By in no way not remarkable location, it is singular that, in my view, is beautifully executed. There are no secrets of any kind here also, but here the pair of interesting encounters and useful objects here will be located. Along the way to the station in the very center of settlement you will find two sisters... here only not necessary to underestimate them. In spite of their, so young an age, Zand and storm, so them call - it is very talented. Itself did not decide to leave them 4 in the party, but if to you was necessary the thrower of knives either pilferer or, can, exotic character it was wanted, then these two girls will approach. You will look around along the sides. In one of the houses you will find box, while in it laminar gloves (armor 4, weight 0.3). At the entrance in station sits local minister George P. Smith. How all here moved, walk hands into the sky they raise, of course, here the matter not without the religious fanaticism. Chat with George, this delivered a certain pleasure to me. By the way, next to Dzhordzhom it is possible to find pair "s-th" with the remote and hour fuse. Search for the first bomb near the house, after the green electrical shield, search for the second in the box next. An even more interesting moment - I attempted for the merriment to blow up the pair of local aborigines, so nothing it is obtained... "s-th" their not beret, but here my party members by mistake perished.

Spiritsprings: Khammer.
Task: To find Khammer to the southeast from Spiritsprings.
On the mini- map this place is very similar to the black hole (in the east from the city). To manage two Retskullami will not compose problems. But here khammer is pitiful. To hurry events I do not have a right so that you finally would not lose the pleasure from the game. The explosion of house and the explosion of khammera have close connection, and here who after this is worth, probably determining simply. You hold ears on the tops, along the settlement stroll armed Retskully.

Spiritsprings: Training camp for the police Of spiritsprings.
Task: To ensure the police with the possibility to be trained on the dump.
4 it did not note any difficulties with the fulfillment of this target. You will visit Umberta on the dump and talk in a friendly way, well already if it is oppose, then always there is the sure way to attempt to persuade or to threaten.
Experience: 250 KHR.
Prompt: In the safe of building from the western side of route from the merchant is easy to find Spas-15 (distance 21, weight 4.3) and AKS-"yau (distance 25, weight 2.7).

Spiritsprings: Equipment for the police of the village Of spiritsprings.
Task: To reach four tarpaulin tents and four detectors of water for the police.
Things can be purchased almost in any merchant. In my view, most of all of tents it is possible to find in new -Safford'e, and the detectors of water to purchase in Bouvi. Personally I accumulated these objects from the very beginning of game.
Experience: 150 KHR.

Spiritsprings: Habits of first aid for the police of the village Of spiritsprings.
Task: To find the doctor, who will train the police Of spiritspringza to the habits of first aid.
After doctor Franklin it is necessary to stamp in Bouvi. After you carried out all three tasks, it does not be worth reject the payment: Boots with the steel inserts (armor 4, weight 2.0), steel helmet (armor 6, weight 1.0). Otherwise then to obtain will not come out.
Experience: 200 KHR.
Prompt: In my view, all three tasks of General Lewis as some others of this location, require road. Possibly, it is logical to carry out their everything simultaneously (along the way). Time you will save...

Spiritsprings: New Dwelling For The family Of iana.
Task: Ian, Lind and Paula search for new dwelling.
This place itself will give out by tubers thought. You do remember Donald- digger? I, it can, you do remember its request to send to it tenants? 3x, is close our virtual peace...
Experience: 450 KHR.

Spiritsprings: Tape recorder Of zakhara.
Task: Gettoblaster broke - make it.
You will find actor on the main street (road). From you it will be necessary to find solar cell, then your reward composes one sack of coffee, or, if it is possible, to make it, in this case you will obtain two sacks of grains of coffee. Make tape recorder can any member of your party, who has the prokachannyy habit mechanics. Solar cell itself can be found in three places:
• The house stands through the road from the merchant. Near it the heap of boxes. In the end of house - debris containers. In the distant container solar cell.
• On the dump in Umberta near the bench.
• Location is "labyrinth". First block signal post of finders. See in the boxes.
Reward: 1 or 2 sacks of grains of coffee.

Spiritsprings: Farm, which was subjected to attack.
Task: To explain that it occurred with the farm hereabout from Spiritspringza.
The coordinates of location can be learned from Zakhara, if we have a talk with it again after the executed first task. In reality there is no farm whatever and, therefore, not there was attack whatever. But where there's smoke there's fire. Everything was tuned in order to entice happy-go-lucky travellers like you, and afterward to rob and to kill. Be prepared for the battle!! Before to look around mannequins (corpses), engage the defensive positions and do not stint on cartridges, battle is in prospect not of the light. 4 for the success of attack it previously mined territory with explosive "s-th" for the larger effect. Also in the shed next to this place it is possible to find the Kevlar helmet (armor 8, weight 1.8) and the canister of gasoline. With prokachannoy charisma it is possible to be radiated by friends, but even in this case, why to feel sorry those, who did want you to kill, and the main thing - to select expensive ammunition?

Spiritsprings: Mysterious Vargi.
Task: Kill Vargov so that again it would become safely into Spiritspringz.
Each night Spiritspringz will attack Vargi - wolf- mutants. These are enormous essences with the dark fur, the fiery eyes and the tusky mouth. For each Varga's murder to you it will be added to by 70 KHR. The cut off head of Varga it is possible and even it is necessary to exchange for: either 1 liter of gasoline or 2 liters of water, either 2 pieces of meat or to 1 bag with the sowing grain in Nikolosa. To obtain the task is simple, the main thing - attentively to look for the road, and then you will accurately find declaration. Most frequently Vargi are encountered in the east from the settling and it is not compulsory, that in one night you will find their all.
Reward: Products to the selection.

Spiritsprings: Mysterious Vargi.
Task: To complete mission on the destruction Of vargov.
After you brought all five heads Of vargov To nikolosu, you will obtain the last task: to verify to the presence of those remaining into the living monsters. According to the latest data, Vargi each night are collected near the laboratory, solution to this there is no reason to such actions are not also known. Nevertheless, from you it is required to go to verify this and thus to place fatty point in the tightened hunting. At night there to go is in no way compulsory, for fulfilling (completion) the target leave there at any time, desirably during the day.
Reward: Products to the selection.

Spiritsprings: Seeckt.
Task: To prevent sectarians from completing ritual.
You will find sectarians next to the laboratories. To me one machine gun was sufficient, in order to carry out entire group, but after dismantlings do not forget to free girl. All sectarians are armed 38 Special (distance 10, weight 0.27).
Experience: 200 KHR.

Spiritsprings: Seeckt.
Task: To have a talk with the participant in the sect, who could survive after your attack.
After being dismantled with the group of sectarians, you will have a talk with that survived. Now time itself to visit the brain of the sect of forest Viduna.
Reward: Information.

Spiritsprings: Seeckt.
Task: Find forest Viduna in order to obtain information.
Forest Of vidun, the very same Titsok, lives by recluse on the north from the laboratories (if we move ourselves to the base Of retskullov). It, as its all the remaining followers, is not very talkative, then it is aggressive! On the whole, it will be impossible to have a talk with it in a human manner. But its audio- diary shed light to some events, which occurred in the laboratories. In spite of status of the perfection of tasks with Vargami, you will visit again Nikolosa, probably to you it will about which have a talk. If we sovrat' To nikolosu, to say that vargov it proved to be with two tens, then you will obtain not bad machine gun, and here what you learn themselves:)
Experience: 200 KHR.

Living water: Main base Of retskullov.
Task: To destroy the base Of retskullov hereabout from Spiritspringza.
Along the road to the base Of retskullov you will stumble on the pair of block signal posts, on most that removed (northern) you will find the steel helmet (armor 6, weight 1.0). The nearer to the base, the greater the probability to begin on the mine. Mines can be established where conveniently, usually along the curb of roads. So that for its own safety try not to descend from the asphalted road. In reality, if you have a sniper, then guard in winch and the approaching reinforcement they are easily destroyed by one party member (this trick was passed to the early versions of game), but here inside the base will prove useful automata and machine guns. In the first house to the right of winch, if we pass forward, you will find Dan (my hewing), then it is possible a little to chat, and afterward to kill at will. You will here find trunk in the adjacent room: the bulletproof waistcoat (armor 12, weight 4.0) and laminar gloves (armor 4, weight 0.3). Near the defensive wall you will find two barracks - this both long buildings of white color. In both buildings of fully any rubbish, among which lamellar armor (armor 16, weight 4.5), and outside in one barracks in the flight between the wall at the boxes lies machine gun MG3 (distance 45, weight 11.5). a little postrelyav, soon you will stumble on Phoenix - killer of your village. Here there it will throw out the curtain of secret relative to the loss of your father, suspicious explosions and will say to vapor of details from the life Of uesli. Yes, however it is sad, but you indeed already did surmise, that behind the friend Of uesli does lie the traitor? Even such scum as Phoenix, now have chance to survive - this depends on you, in any event the motion of game in no way will change from any your solution. There remains only to congratulate you, you completely destroyed Ratskullov also of their leader. Forward to the new adventures!
Experience: 2000 KHR.
Spiritsprings: Traitor Of uesli.

Task: To attain truth from Uesli.
Return to the staff of new government in order to have a talk with the traitor Of uesli. Personally in me did not rise hand to shoot this ubl*dka, but in you I hope, cock will not remain cold. For obtaining the new task you leave from the settlement, in winch you will meet President Hayes, who will introduce you into the course of the following mission. Probably, now begins the most interesting...
Path of the carrion vultures: Povzdorivshiye brothers.

Task: Liquidate Howard and his band Of smertonostsy.
Task to fit the elder brothers of Howard "smertonosttsy" and Benson "thunderers" will give junior brother Kliv. Itself Kliv it ruins its young life by drugs and by alcohol in long ago the already known to us hamlet Of spiritsprings. Your task will leave for the valley of the carrion vultures, where you must resolve conflict between two exploded pleyboyami. Of course if you found another method, for example, to fit them - flag to you into the hands and forward! Deliberately I prevent. If you passed entire game at the summit level of complexity and they were ready to continue then to make further, then be stored up by a maximum quantity cartridge, since without cartridge there it can't be helped! This no longer of joke. By itself enemy at the level "mortally dangerous" and besides this is frequently armed by the heavy weapon (machine guns, automata, fowling-pieces, pistols and garnets). If you yet were not dismantled with Phoenix, then I recommend this to make now. But that then to you, as for me it is necessary to battle on the little effective automata, the pistols and the fowling-pieces. Certainly, if the matter there is entirely trash, then the light level of complexity will correct everything under the root.
Experience: 250 KHR.
Prompt: The protection of Phoenix is weaker than the band of finders, but it is more numerous. Fire back Retskullov on the small groups (if it is possible, then on lone person), going around fortress in the circle, and afterward attack the center of the fortress (head-on attack for sure it will lead to the loss of some your party members). The so-called personal protection of Phoenix almost will cease to exist up to this moment, and you will successfully complete your task. All this makes sense, if you still play at the summit level of complexity i/libo you they encountered the problem of shortage cartridge, as this could happen after the destruction of the bands of finders in the valley of carrion vultures.

Path of the carrion vultures: Povzdorivshiye brothers.
Task: Report to Benson news about the liquidation of band they are fatal.
Whose band to join has not what value. Finale is one. Although... me it seemed that Benson's band to a little more easily conquer and in the final struggle this will have great significance. The fact is that until you converse with the leader of band, your force gradually surrounds enemy, also, as a result to be selected from so powerful a ring of environment under the cross fire in no way simply. So me seemed, but this opinion far from precise. Accept for itself the valid solution to whose band to be joined. The band of Benson - thunderers in the West, the band of Howard - are fatal in the east, in the cent of map are located self-firing installations (in the people of ring mount), also, on the north military base (bunker).
Reward: the secret of self-firing installations.
Prompt: To the military base it is possible to go for the first time from the onset to the location. It is necessary to only know the tripping time of ring mounts. Ring mounts are disconnected at three P.M. and vice versa they are activated at four P.M.. This to you not "Sierra Armed Depot", but nevertheless is pleasant.

Path of the carrion vultures: Povzdorivshiye brothers.
Task: Benson deceived you and now he wants you to kill. Be repaid with it.
There is an error, which allows almost without the consequences for itself to destroy band. This randomly left in the course of fulfilling Quests for both bands. And thus. You destroyed band and now about this it is necessary to report to customer. Enter to the territory of band in the machine. When you end conversation your party bezpripyatstvenno it will be able to leave the ring of the environment (enemy it will be inactive), but with the attempt to take away machine they attack you. Now you will be able to leave from the territory of band in order to engage suitable position for the attack. And even now enemy will almost not react to your attack. You with the ease will destroy all on one.
Experience: 400 KHR.
Prompt: In the south from Benson's camp in the sheerest desolation is located the settlement of developers "Silver Style Entertainment". All attempts to find there something although suffered crash. Either I badly searched for or to me it was the laziness (one another it does not interfere with). But it is generally very offensive that the buildings in the game very frequently are cloned... Well and on the military base for me also not of what could not be found, however, obidno:(3x, settlement itself me even did gladden - this is one of the secrets of developers? In one interview even it was mentioned about the certain mysterious stone-...

Path of the carrion vultures: Self-firing installations.
Task: Slip past the self-firing installations to the military base.
From three is hour to four it is hour night the entrance it is free! Even it attempted in the machine to hop so far or by group to run so far in another time 4, it is useless, they explode, or they die as flies...
Experience: 500 KHR.
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