Zapewne mały odsetek forumowiczów interesuje taka nowina ale jaki¶ czas temu pojawiła się nowa edycja gry bitewnej Epic 40000, mianowicie Epic Armageddon. GW był na tyle miły, że podręczniki s± udostępnione jako darmowy download na stronie Specialist Games. Niestety fani armi Orków zostali wydymani - pisałem do Andego Chambersa, czy i kiedy pojawi± się staty i figurki najzajebistszych orczych maszyn i oto odpowiedĽ:


In answer to your question, we don't have any plans I'm afraid. The Ork army in the Armageddon rulebook, and the Feral Orks in Swordwind are the Ork armies in Epic.

Not what you wanted to hear - sorry.

Andy @ Fanatic

From: Mateusz Porczak-Glanowski
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 6:21 PM
To: fanatic-andy
Subject: Epic orky stuff seems to have gone forgotten...

(...)got myself pretty startled since my favourite units are not covered in the "Forces" section. This includes mostly Mekboy/Kustom vehicles: Kanon Speedstas, Lifta Dropas, Bubble Chuckas and Dragsters. The feeling of loss is overhelming since these units had great Orky/Weird flavour and were "Dat Krazy Theeng" which sets them apart from other armies. Without these, Ork army list is just collection of "Weaker & Cheaper Imperial units, painted Orky style" for me...
So the question is When will these awesome machines be available (meaning both rules and minis)??? (...)

Smutne co?